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Why are women afraid to talk about their desires in bed

With the solution of everyday issues and professional problems, it is more or less clear – we women learned to talk about what we want. But in one area we still forget to declare our desires. This area is sex. Why is this happening and what to do with it?

I’ll start with two things. Firstly, neither a textbook, nor a card to our bodies is attached. So why do we expect that the partner will understand everything without words? Secondly, unlike men, a woman’s sexual desire is directly related to imagination and fantasies, so we need more time to tune in to sex.

However, women continue to be lost and assume that talking about such things is inconvenient. So, even if the partner has an honest confidential conversation with you, you will most likely weigh everything for and against before telling all your desires. Of course, there are a number of reasons that prevent us from being frank.

It still seems to us that sex is a male privilege

In the modern world, the sexual needs of women are still perceived as secondary. Girls are afraid to stand up for

Après l’accouchement, votre relation avec un partenaire peut changer en raison de la combinaison de facteurs différents. Et, bien sûr, la proximité physique doit être restaurée, car au moins un mois, il n’y avait rien entre vous. Il n’est pas nécessaire de commencer immédiatement du sexe ordinaire: vous pouvez vous rendre avec vos mains et vos mains, ainsi que de profiter des jouets sexuels. Découvrez viagra pharmacie vous réagissez maintenant à la stimulation de différentes parties du corps, ressentez la proximité avec le partenaire.

themselves, but the ability to defend their interests in bed is part of a sexual relationship. What exactly do you want? Just tell me it out loud.

Think not only about a partner: to make it pleasant, you need to learn how to enjoy the process. Stop mastering the technical side, relax, do not think about the possible shortcomings of your body, focus on your desires and listen to the sensations.

We are afraid to strike a partner’s pride

Never start with one of the most threatening phrases: “We need to talk about our relationship!»Like it or not, it sounds frightening, and in addition, shows the interlocutor that you are ready not to solve the problem, but for a conversation on increased tones.

We are used to believe that discussion of problems in bed means that something is wrong with the relationship. In order not to offend your partner, start the conversation as softly as possible: “I like our sex life, I like to have sex with you, but I want to talk about you about you. “

Negativ can offend a partner, and he simply will not perceive the information that you try to convey to him.

At a certain stage of the relationship, such frank conversations can bring you closer, and joint overcoming of problems will make it possible to reveal yourself and look at the partner in a new way. In addition, you will understand what exactly you have to work on in a relationship, and show readiness for this.

We are afraid that the man will condemn us

It doesn’t matter what we are talking about specifically to the partner, there is a fear of being rejected physically or emotionally. In society, the beliefs are still strong that women are not asking for sex, but simply get it. All this comes down to stereotypical ideas about the “good” and “bad” girls, which makes the girls think: speaking of their sexual desires, they act incorrectly.

If you think men know how to read thoughts, then you are mistaken. Forget about telepathy, talk about your desires directly. Awkward hints will act much worse than an honest and frank conversation. But be prepared for the fact that you may have to remind of what was said. This does not mean that he does not care – an excited man can forget about the nuances noted by you in a fit of passion.

Sex should stop being a sacred, forbidden topic for you. Do not be afraid of your body’s desires! All you need to start talking. And be sure to make the words do not disperse from the deed. After the conversation, immediately go to the bedroom.

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